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 ===== The chips ===== ===== The chips =====
-^NXP PN512 (RFID transceiver,​ [[http://​​documents/​data_sheet/​111334.pdf|datasheet]])^+^NXP PN512 (RFID transceiver,​ [[http://​​documents/​data_sheet/​PN512.pdf|datasheet]])^
 |package: HVQFN32 (SOT617-1)| |package: HVQFN32 (SOT617-1)|
 |{{:​rfid_pn512.jpg|NXP PN512}}| |{{:​rfid_pn512.jpg|NXP PN512}}|
-^Cypress [[http://​​mpn=CY7C64316-16LKXC|CY7C64316]] ([[http://​​docID=24330|datasheet]]),​ implements the USB CCID -> PN512 SPI interface^+^Cypress [[http://​​mpn=CY7C64316-16LKXC|CY7C64316]] ([[http://​​docID=35960|datasheet]]),​ implements the USB CCID -> PN512 SPI interface^
 |package: HVQFN16 (SOT758-1)| |package: HVQFN16 (SOT758-1)|
 |{{:​rfid_4316.jpg|4316}}| |{{:​rfid_4316.jpg|4316}}|
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